I think it was called the Summer Sizzler

August 20th, 2012 by Paul

Another weekend goes by in Cumberland, but Kate and I again didn’t make it.  I decided to stay home, and it was worth it, as I’m now the 2012 WDCR D-Stock Champion.  While the cat was away, the mouse played.

I can’t say much about what happened, but I do know that Joe owes Mike a dollar or two (but we still love you, Joe).  This weekend was “undersubscribed,” but now that the DC season is over, I expect the numbers to get better.

Wish me, Kate, Andy, and Mike luck as we head out in two weeks for the SCCA Nationals in Lincoln, NE.

Saturday (50 Entrants)
12 – Mike (3rd in PAX)
11 + 2 – Joe (28th in PAX – Cone Award Winner with 3 cones)
10 – Rich (21st in PAX)
9  – Meg (42nd in PAX)

Sunday (44 Entrants)
12 – Joe (19th in PAX)
11 + 2 – Doug (22nd in PAX – Cone Award Winner with 2 cones)
10 – Rich (25th in PAX)
9 – Bill (33rd in PAX)

Current Team Standings

Drops are starting to take effect.  Eight days in, but we are only counting the seven best.  From here on out, it’s about erasing low scores.

1. Joe (81 points)
2. Rich (67 points)
3. Mike (59 points)
3. Doug (59 points)
4. Meg (55 points)
5. Paul (36 points)
6. Kate (19 points)
6. Bill (19 points)
7. Andy (12 points)
8. Rob (0 points)
8. Patrick (0 points)
8. Thomas (0 points)

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