Looooong Overdue

January 2nd, 2013 by Paul

First and foremost, congratulations to Joseph “Mustang Boy” Oxenham.  Despite his absence from the end of the season, he is still your 2012 Team Zip-Tie Cup Winner.  I still have to decorate the trophy and get it to him, so stand by for those photos.  Second place was a three-way tie, and many other upsets took place.

This was a crazy year, both in Cumberland and elsewhere.  We weren’t able to make every race we wanted, but we still had a blast.  Hopefully next year some of our “fringe” members can make their way out.

To sum it all up…

Final Team Standings (after drops)
1. Joe (81 points)
2. Doug (71 points)
2. Rich (71 points)
2. Mike (71 points)
3. Paul (60 points)
4. Meg (58 points)
5. Kate (42 points)
6. Bill (27 points)
7. Andy (25 points)

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